We believe that people learn better through doing, so we’ve invented a pop-up crafting workshop that encourages you to really get involved. Our creative, interactive sessions are designed to inspire and motivate you to think differently. Create something out of nothing, develop fresh approaches, and learn something new about yourself.
Our workshops

About our workshops

Steamfort is a pop-up educational workshop operating all across the UK and internationally. We specialise in concrete and lime casting, mould-making and bio-based construction materials, and run workshops for colleges, universities, team-building, training and parties.

We combine our expertise and passion for crafting and construction with a desire to help others create, innovate and have fun. We believe that taking part in practical activities is a great way to learn and get involved.

Our workshops are pop-up, designed to fit easily into whatever area you have available, and we will always leave your space clean and tidy when we leave.


If you run an educational module and want to get your students more involved in the learning process, our education workshops are a great way to encourage new creative approaches.

Get Involved

Are you a local business looking to develop your team relationships? Are you an organisation after a fun social event? Do you want to do something different for a party or celebration? Try one of our ‘Get Involved’ workshops.


Our training and CPD workshops are designed to help teachers and learning leaders brush up on their skills and knowledge so they can pass the benefits on to their students.

Our specialities

College and university level learning
Crafting initiatives
Team Building
Parties and social events
Training and development
Sustainability and upcycling
Safe learning spaces
Building materials

Meet Julian ‘Dr Concrete’ Robinson


Steamfort is the brainchild of Julian Robinson, who launched the venture in 2018 as a way to bring his skills and passion to a wider audience.

Julian is an Environmental Engineer who started his career in the water industry developing new technologies (primarily electrochemical cells and advanced ion exchange technologies). Following this, he spent five years as a project manager in the oil and gas industries.

Julian has always had a passion for improving the environmental credentials of the construction and engineering industries, which inspired him to undertake a PhD investigating the benefits of more environmentally sustainable bio-based building materials.

After completing his doctorate in 2014, Julian worked as a technical specialist at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), where he utilised his technical expertise and academic background to deliver lectures, workshops and laboratories across multiple disciplines – including Architecture, Construction, Design and Engineering.

Julian has run and collaborated on a wide variety of workshops over the years, covering a range of topics: concrete and plaster casting, upcycling, architectural model making, textiles in construction, woodcraft, scribble-bots, and the evaluation of bio-based building materials. Working in concert with the NTU Makers Club, he has also run workshops for secondary school DT students.

Julian has run continued professional development (CPD) workshops for university leadership team events, newly qualified teachers at the York STEM learning centre, and at Design Technology days for secondary school teachers.

Today, he wants to make his passion and expertise available to everyone who wants to learn more about building materials, crafting, and making the world a greener, more sustainable place.

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Steamfort is a pop-up workshop so we’re always on the move. Get in touch today via email or social media and we’ll come to you. The best way to book a workshop is via our online form.


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